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 Fish For Brains

The Fish For Brains Music Project

I discovered at a very early age that I absolutely love music. Growing up in Southern California gave me the opportunity to surround myself with a lot of fantastic art and music. The Alternative, Punk Rock and SKA sounds were apart of me when I was young and have a big impact when I create my music. It's not just limited to to those sounds. San Diego was and still is full of so much fantastic musical culture and I surrounded myself with all types of music, and every type of rock and hardcore music you can think of. The best way I can break down the sound of "Fish For Brains" is Rock, Alternative, Punk, with a hint comedy, spoken word and experimental. Of all the music I had growing up, I fell in love with the bands that weren't afraid to tell you how they feel or even get you to the point of laughter from pure outrageousness. In my music I like to take situations most artists today won't think of singing about, and interdigitate it with the alternative rock and punk sounds I love.

For an example, I once stumbled across a frog sitting next to a bird and thought it was odd because the bird was unable to fly or walk away. I took out my phone and started recording to see if I could get proof of how ruthless frogs are. To my surprise, The amphibian tried to eat the poor little bird. I posted the video on Youtube and got cussed out with negative comments because they thought I was a bird killer. Naturally, Being the person I am, I wrote a song about it. Check out the original recording on the video created by yours truly "Fish For Brains".


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